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My teaching reflects my research and pedagogical interests in participatory, creative, and decolonizing methodology. I have extensive experience of teaching both at undergraduate and graduate levels at Harvard and Georgetown. My teaching expertise focuses on the subjects of colonialism, postcoloniality, decolonization, media and visual cultures, and methods (including multimodal method). I have developed my own syllabi for the course of the anthropology of media, colonialism, internet cultures, and Indonesian language and cultures. Below is an illustrative list of classes that I have taught.


  • Spring 2022: Ethnicity, Religion, and Conflict in Southeast Asia, Georgetown University
  • Spring 2021: Anthropological Research Methods (graduate/PhD seminar), Harvard
  • Fall 2019:  Anthropology of Media, a Critical Survey (graduate seminar), Harvard         
  • Fall 2019: Exploring Culture through Film  (undergraduate), Harvard                                                   
  • Spring 2019: Colonialism and Postcoloniality (graduate/undergraduate), Harvard

Teaching Fellow

  • Spring 2017: Senior Thesis Tutorial in Social Anthropology (undergraduate), Harvard
  • Fall 2016: Junior Tutorial for Thesis Writers in Social Anthropology (undergraduate), Harvard
  • Fall 2016: Policing and Militarization Today (undergraduate), Harvard
  • Fall 2013: The Ethnographic Encounter: An Introduction to Social Anthropology (undergraduate), Harvard
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